Don't be an asshole!

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jason robert brown directing betsy wolfe while she records “goodbye until tomorrow”

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Ben FankhauserBubbles

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fangirl challenge - male characters »  jack kelly

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Betsy Wolfe in Transport Group’s The Music Man Concert

Photos by Walter McBride [x]

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you and me (but mostly me) || cj eldred and chad burris || (book of mormon - first national tour, philadelphia - 8.31.2014e (chad’s elder cunningham debut).

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"you’re a jeAN VALJERK"

— javert at some point, probabaly (via lawyer-oliver)
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Acing an audition like


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Get to know: Jennifer Damiano

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Anonymous - And yeah I'm sorry too, but not heartbroken. I'm glad that he was honest and I didn't get too wrapped up in it all... ~AC

At least he wasn’t an asshole about it, you know?
Like I know it sucks, but he could have dealt with it a lot worse

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Anonymous - One of my quietest (SO QUIET) friends and I hung out today and I told her about everything being over, mind you we're in a quiet coffeeshop, and she just stands up and yells, "WHERE'S THE MUTHAF*CKER WHO DID THIS I'LL BEAT HIS A**!!". I love her ~AC

HAHHAA she sounds rad

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christian borle

reblog if u agree

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TANGLED on Broadway - Fancast (Click names for singing samples)

Kyle Dean Massey (Flynn Rider), Laura Osnes (Rapunzel), Audra McDonald (Mother Gothel), James Monroe Inglehart (Thug One), Ben Fankhauser (Thug Two), Milly Shapiro (Young Rapunzel), Jeremy Jordan (Stabbington Brother 1) and Will Swenson (Stabbington Brother 2)

I want to scream “no” at the top of my voice, but imagine Audra singing Mother Knows Best…

okay :)

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The Addams Family Musical: Favorite quote

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